Introducing Therabyte Meet

We built TB Meet in response to COVID-19. We saw a need in the  market for a secure Telehealth platform geared towards solo practitioners and small teams. It has been so exciting to share it with you. How does it work? Therabyte Meet provides a portal to portal...

Telehealth Guidelines

What a week it has been….oh wait… it is only Tuesday. Wow. As I have had the chance to talk with many OTs across Canada, there is this sense of urgency. PAUSE and BREATH. Many are eager to connect with their clients, so pick up the phone call them and...

Teletherapy Resources for OTs and SLPs

Resources for all specific to execution of Teletherapy 6 steps to setting up a Telepractice Telehealth overview – by Jana Cason Telehealth Email template to parents Telehealth session outline E-Therapy Session Examples How to teach from home Guide to early...

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