What Makes Therabyte the Best EMR for OTs and SLPs?


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As On occupational Therapist (OT) or Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), managing administrative tasks while running a private practice can be overwhelming. From documentation to scheduling, invoicing to progress tracking, the demands of running a practice can eat away your available time.  

That’s where Therabyte comes in, revolutionizing the way Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists manage their practice. 

The Therabyte Journey 

Ashley Reina, CEO, Co-founder and OT, created Therabyte EMR out of necessity in her own private practice. Like many practitioners, she found herself drowning in administrative tasks, juggling multiple tools and feeling like there had to be a better way. Therabyte was born from the desire to streamline these processes, AND to support fellow OTs and SLPs in navigating the complexities of private practice without sacrificing their time.  

Check out these 5 reasons, why Therabyte Stands Out against the competition, as the best EMR for Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists.

1. Solo Practitioners at the Centre

When you are first starting out in private practice, it can be intimidating. From the legalities of setting up an LLC to how to craft your intake form. Therabyte has been designed to have the “just right” amount of features. Enough to get you started with a simplified digital workflow, no need to MacGyver your systems together, we pull it together for you in one platform from intake to invoices.  

2. Designed by OTs and SLPs, for OTs and SLPs. 

Therabyte isn’t just a software; it’s a community-driven platform crafted by practitioners who understand the unique needs of working in private practice. We love listening to our community members and prioritize feature development based on upvotes from them. You will actually feel the OT, in the Therabyte workflow.  

3. Goal centered practice

Central to the Therabyte philosophy is client-centered care. Our smart goal-tracking system enables practitioners to set, track, and monitor client progress with ease. By streamlining the goal-setting process and providing visual feedback on progress, Therabyte empowers practitioners to deliver more effective and impactful interventions. 

After using Therabyte to start her side hustle, Staci, an SLP said: “I love how Therabyte was designed for me, an SLP. The goal tracking helps me to be the best therapist I can be!”

4. Mobile Access

We have heard you, you are often not working with clients in one place. 1 day you are in the community and the next day you are working out of the clinic or a client’s home. The web-based application ensures that you can access your practice anytime, anywhere, from any device. With features like, mapping to your next destination and inputting mileage between clients.

5. Ongoing Support and Community

Transitioning to a new EMR can be daunting, which is why Therabyte offers comprehensive support and a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners. You can expect: 

  • Personalized onboarding with a member of our team 
  • Human support, via email, chat, video.  
  • Guest Webinars – supporting all aspects of your private practice 
  • Monthly Feature Rundown – live – our team will review new features each month. 


Join us for this on-demand webinar to see inside the Therabyte platform, and feel the difference.

On Demand Webinar – Click here!

Therabyte empowers practitioners to reclaim their passion for their profession. Join us on this journey towards a more streamlined, connected, and impactful practice with Therabyte. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page. 

Didn’t find what your looking for? Email support@therabyte.com.

Do you know Therabyte offers a 30 day FREE trial?

30 day FREE Trial

Experience the Therabyte difference for yourself. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and dedicated support team, Therabyte is the solution to take back your time in your private practice. Get ready for a more efficient, organized, and successful practice with Therabyte EMR. 


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