Therabyte + Zoom… continuing with Telehealth in this new age of healthcare.

Depending on your funder and where you live in Canada, you are subject to different privacy laws. You can read more about that in our blog post entitled “FAQs – Privacy and Security”. If you are not required to keep your data in Canada, then you have some flexibility in choosing your video conferencing platform as long as you disclose that in your terms of service to your client and they agree to the inherent risks. 


Zoom is well known for being a videoconferencing platform, especially in the wake of COVID-19. It has features such as: remote access, a whiteboard, green screens, and annotations that are important to some practitioners that are now providing Telehealth services. 


As a company, we developed Therabyte Meet to support practitioners as they transitioned to Telehealth with one place for documentation and video that is secure to support sensitive client information. We are working to bring upgraded features in Therabyte Meet 2.0 which will include features such as green screens and screen annotations. As a Therabyte user, you can take advantage of other 3rd party applications to fill some of these needs:


  • Whiteboard – Aww App
  • Recordings – QuickTime
  • Screen shots – Skitch


While we work hard to bring you these new features, the Therabyte platform allows you to choose your video platform provider for your Telehealth sessions. Watch this video to see how adding a Zoom link within Therabyte creates a single point of contact for your clients using the client portal. Using the client portal means, never having to send an email link again, no more texts from your clients wondering when you are going to send the link for the session. Your clients will be able to view all that from their client portal. Check out this video for a sneak peak at what is offered in the client portal. 


***If you are considering using Zoom, for private client conversations be sure you:

  • Check your college requirements to see that you are meeting privacy and security standards. 
  • Be sure to know your zoom settings, if you are using the “free” version:
    • do not record to the cloud
    • do not use the chat
    • do not publicly share your meeting link
    • do not publicly share your meeting id


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