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This week we were spotlighted by Accelerate Okanagan (AO). Harrison interviewed us about our response to the COVID-19 crisis. It was pretty surreal to have this interview and to see the article, feeling all the feels! Accelerate Okanagan has been such an important...

Starting Teletherapy During a Pandemic

Starting Teletherapy During a Pandemic A guide for rehab practitioners – OT, SLP, PT, Behaviour. This is a difficult time in the world, so many things that are “normal” have changed.  Check out below for tips and a checklist to make your transition to Teletherapy a...

Telehealth Guidelines

What a week it has been….oh wait… it is only Tuesday. Wow. As I have had the chance to talk with many OTs across Canada, there is this sense of urgency. PAUSE and BREATH. Many are eager to connect with their clients, so pick up the phone call them and...

FAQs – Privacy and Security

As a group of passionate Therapists, we understand that these are crazy times and there are so many questions around privacy and compliance. While this is not legal advice we wanted to share a bit of what we know as you quickly pivot to keep your client relationships...

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