How to successfully take your OT practice online!

Who is this for: If you are working in private practice or considering it, whether you have a few clients or many, this webinar is for you!

The Challenge: I remember when I decided to leave my employee job and venture into private practice, it had been a dream of mine for years, but I always had a reason to not follow through. There was no roadmap, and it all felt uncertain. How will clients find me? How will I keep client notes?  How long do I have to keep client notes for? Where will I store them? How will I invoice my clients?   All this struggle is where Therabyte was born and why it continues to develop!

In this Webinar we will review how Therabyte gives you a road map to answer many of theses questions: 

  • Practice Website with integrated online booking and intake
  • Digital client chart – storing pictures, pdfs and treatment notes
  • Goal tracking and integration in documentation
  • Telehealh and the client portal – connecting during uncertain times.

Date: Friday May 15, 2020
Time: 11am PST   

Length – 50min

Webinar begins in:









Meet your hosts

Ashley and Mike are a husband and wife team with a passion for health and wellness. As co-founders of Therabyte, their mission is to streamline the data entry process for practitioners and patients alike resulting in quicker and more efficient care. They love the chance to collaborate with practitioners across the country, bringing innovation and health together.  

Ashley is an Occupational Therapist, 2005 graduate with a passion for working with children and families to support them in achieving their goals. Working in private practice she was frustrated by the time and energy wasted by inefficient workflows and time spent on administrative tasks. 

Mike is a Product Manager and a design genius with specialties in app development, programming, and user experience. He set out to solve those problems for practitioners through Therabyte.

40% off any plan for CAOT members:

The complete Therabyte experience includes features designed to save you time:

  • Full Scheduler
  • Online Intake
  • Clinical Notes
  • File Storage
  • 1-Click Invoicing
  • Video Sessions

Time limited Offer, act quick before it is gone. In celebration of our recent partnership with CAOT (Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists). 


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