The information in this document is not intended to be nor should it be interpreted as legal advice. It is a high level overview of privacy regulations as they pertain to different applications.

How to get Started with Telehealth:

  1. BREATH…this is a crazy time and so many of us are being thrown into this really quickly. First, breath! Do something that feels grounding, a walk, some yoga, or dancing to your favorite music.
  2. You are an AMAZING therapist! You have skills! Remember this, be confident in you!
  3. Send a letter to your clients letting them know you are pivoting and adjusting to the change and will be sending them some info shortly.
  4. Now may be a good time to switch to an all in one platform which adds automation to your workflow and saves you time. (First table).
  5. Choose a Videoconferencing provider that meets your specific needs for privacy of health information. (Second table).

Here are some of the Canadian Allied Health EMRs people are using. (Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but a brief overview).

Name:Created for:Core Features:Price (CAD)
Therabyte   Therabyte.appOTs and SLPs in Peds Private practice, solo and teams, travelling or clinic based.-3 step scheduler
-Integrated Goals
-1 click invoicing
-client portal
Starting at $36/mth
Owl PracticePsychologist, social workers, counsellors and therapists.-mental health and wellbeing
-client records
-client portal
Starting at $40/mth
JuvonnoHealth care and wellbeing clinics.-see websiteStarting at $79/mth Billed annually
OnCall HealthMedical practitioners-videoconferencing -appointment calendar view
-secure payment processing
Not listed. Premium Tier w/ EMR features
Jane AppChiropractors, Massage, Naturopaths and other allied health professionals, clinic based.-online booking
-insurance billing -client portal
-Telehealth (coming soon)
Starting at $74/mth
iinsightAllied health-case management system
-see website
Starting at $18/mth
GO RendezvousOsteopathy, massage, and other allied health professionals-appointment scheduling
-group classes
-EMR add on
$29/mth EMR add- on +$20/mth

Videoconferencing platforms

Here are some of the videoconferencing applications people are using. (Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but a brief overview).

-Private Entities
FOIPPA & FIPPA Public BodiesCostServer Location
Therabyte Meet Available March 25, 2020YesYes$19/mth/user (group rates available)CADCanada
Zoom For HealthcareYesUnknown-Healthcare $200/mth USDCanada
ZoomYes** with recordings disable and not using the chatunknown-Free for 1:1 and groups up to 40 min.Canada/USA
Doxy.meYesNo-Free version
-$36/mth USD
OnCallYesYes– Not listed on websiteCanada
Blue jeansYes**No-Free version
-Starting at $15.63 USD
Google for Business – Hangouts MeetYes**NoCurrently Free (Starts at $7.80/mth/user)USA
Microsoft TeamsYesYes$26.60/th CADCanada
PhysitrackYesUnknownStarts at $10.99/mthUK based company.
Facebook messengerYes**NoFreeUSA
FacetimeYes – end to end encryption, stored on your phone.UnsureFreeUnsure
SkypeYes** – for skype to skype calls, not skype to landline.NoFreeUSA
LiveCareYes  Yes  $99/user/mth  Canada  

 Disclaimer: This document is not a substitute for obtaining your own legal advice on telepractice and privacy mandated under the applicable provincial and federal legislation. Information collected from company websites, review of Canadian privacy laws and resources received from the Speech and Hearing conference, Oct. 2019.

Q: What are the risks associated with using a provider that does not explicitly indicate compliance with Canadian security laws?

A: They are not required to inform you if there is a security breach. HIPAA does not require notifying health care clients of breaches. This is a requirement of Canadian laws and therefore becomes your responsibility to inform your clients if there has been a security breach within the system that you are using to store and/or stream their personal health information.

Q: Is HIPPA compliance good enough for Canadian health data?

A: No. Quoted from Dr. Wael Hassan …“email or cloud storage providers serving healthcare organizations in Ontario are obligated to notify them of any security breaches or other instances of unauthorized access or disclosure. HIPAA does not require IT service providers to notify healthcare clients of breaches. While a notification requirement could be included in a contract with an American service provider, many U.S. service providers are reluctant to agree to notify their clients of breaches because of fears of liability and loss of reputation”. “Canadian Healthcare and US Cloud Services: Is HIPAA Compliance Good Enough for Canadian Health Data?


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