Empowering Filipino OTs: Therabyte Lands in the Philippines

Therabyte is excited to launch its Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in the Philippines, starting with a sponsorship for the Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists (PAOT) Convention. We are honored to be part of this event to showcase our innovative EHR system and its benefits to Occupational Therapists in the country. Check out our experience at the convention, how our system can benefit your practice, and our special pricing for Filipino teams. 


Our day began with a flight from Manila to Laguindingan Airport, a new experience for us. Thanks to this event, we got to show off Tibi to everyone,and he absolutely enjoyed the trip! Upon arrival, we boarded a bus headed for Cagayan de Oro. Getting ready for the event made us even more excited!


During the Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists (PAOT) Convention, Therabyte was given an opportunity to showcase our EHR and its capabilities. We were ecstatic to have received positive feedback from the Occupational Therapists who attended the convention. They were impressed with our platform’s simplicity and comprehensiveness. They appreciated how easy it was to navigate and utilize the various features. Many expressed their excitement about integrating Therabyte into their practice, as it would streamline their workflow. 


Beyond the professional interactions, we also had a fun time engaging with the attendees through games and activities. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect on a more personal level and build relationships within the community. I discovered that PH OTs are very competitive (in a fun way of course!) We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in the convention and made it such a memorable experience. 


Therabyte aims to streamline the Occupational Therapists’ workload, reduce documentation errors, and increase the quality of patient care. Our system was designed by Occupational Therapists, ensuring that all functionalities are tailor-fit to meet the specific requirements of the job. 


Therabyte is cloud-based, which means it is accessible anywhere and anytime, securely. It allows for scheduling and billing, auto-generated notes, and progress reports, keeping your paperwork organized and reducing redundant tasks. You can also use our system to generate insights that can help you improve patient care, such as goal banks. With the help of our system, your team can spend less time on documentation and more time on caring for patients. 


Introducing Therabyte EHR to the Philippines means that your team can finally move forward from the traditional pen-and-paper documentation. You don’t have to worry about losing patient files or waiting for hours to retrieve them. You can have a secure and convenient way of storing records that you can easily access in a snap. Therabyte’s Electronic Health Record will revolutionize the way Occupational Therapists do their jobs, providing more accuracy in record keeping and fewer interruptions in patient care. 


Throughout the event, I discovered that private practice isn’t commonplace for occupational therapists here in the Philippines. It struck me that it could be a wonderful opportunity for Filipino OTs to establish their own private practices someday. 


If you are a Philippine-based Occupational Therapy practice looking to improve your service, then you  want to take advantage of our special pricing. We understand that investing in a new system can be expensive, but we want to provide Filipino practices with reasonable prices that cater specifically to their needs. Contact us to learn more about our special filipino pricing. 


We were humbled to have been a part of the Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists Convention, and we look forward to furthering our relationship with Filipino Occupational Therapists. Our goal is to provide Filipino teams with a comprehensive and affordable EHR system that will move their practice forward. If you want to know more about our pricing and system capabilities, please get in touch with us. 

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