What makes Therabyte App unique from other practice management software?

What makes Therabyte App unique? As an OT or SLP, you probably don’t see software or tech products that are made for your profession very often. Our company mission is to make software that both makes your life easier and helps you run your business in the best way possible. Therabyte is a practice management software and EMR that is created by OTs and SLPs that work in private practice. 


Whether you are starting a side hustle or building a team, it’s important to put systems in place that can:

  1. Keep you organized
  2. Securely store client data
  3. Track of admin tasks


All so that you can continue to focus on service delivery. After all, you are starting your private practice not to be weighed down by admin tasks but to provide exceptional service to your clients. The Therabyte community is actively involved in supporting the development of new features that will benefit you. So you might be asking, “What makes Therabyte App unique?” “What makes it different and stand out from other software?” 


Here are 12 features that make Therabyte App unique, and 12 reasons why OTs and SLPs prefer Therabyte over other competitors.



1. Created by OTs and SLPs for OTs and SLPs

First, the founder, Ashley, is an OT, and is actively involved in supporting the OT and SLP private practice communities. Together with her colleagues, she ensures the development stays on track with our mission to provide tech solutions that not only save practitioners time on admin tasks, but also support best practices for documentation and record keeping. This is a distinctive factor and it’s what makes Therabyte App unique.


2. Our 3-Step Scheduler

The three-step scheduler is what makes Therabyte App unique as well. This workflow is for organizing you from client event to outcome. First, you create the client session, then plan the session or review notes from the last session, and finally record the outcome from the therapy session. The software is built around your clinic’s workflow.

Your clinic workflow is right there at the heart of the software.

“I can feel the OT lens in the workflow” is a phrase we hear a lot. We don’t just want to give you a place to keep track of your interactions with clients; we also want to help you plan and document sessions in the best way possible.


3. Track session time, travel time and mileage

Depending on how you offer your services, as a traveling clinician, you will love the option to capture not only your client session time, but the travel time and/or the mileage associated with that client event. And depending on how you choose to set up your services, the cost of those services is pre-set, with differentiation for session time travel and mileage.



4. Batch Invoicing

A common practice amongst OTs/SLPs is to either provide upfront package offerings or bill in batches. Without batch invoicing, you will spend hours of your time creating an invoice for each individual service that was offered (not to mention marking all of those invoices as paid). With Therabyte, you can combine all billable items into a single invoice and email the invoice directly to the client or funder, with or without a password.

This feature will cut your time spent on billing by at least half, and maybe even more. No more keeping track of time and checking the calendar twice. As you mark the attendance at client events, they will be accumulating, ready to be added to an invoice.  Create the invoice and send it to the client! Two clicks, and you are done. 



5. Password protected invoice PDFs via email

Have you ever had to manually add a password to a document to email it securely? That extra step over and over eats away at your time. To save you time when sending invoices, Therabyte gives you the option to create an invoice PDF with an embedded password. Or even quicker, send the email directly from within the software, with a simple dropdown choosing to send with a password.




6. Goal tracking embedded within progress notes

Every client is different, and so are their goals.

As rehab therapists, it is common practice to outline treatment goals or a treatment plan at the outset of therapy. The treatment sessions are then focused on achieving those goals. To support best practices, we put goals right at the center of how we document client progress. Rather than set goals, forget what they are, only to come back a few months later and wonder how you have progressed. Our goal tracking brings them directly into your charting, keeping you on track each session and making it easier to plan out each treatment session.

In 2023, the long-awaited goal bank feature will be added. 


7. Direct to Map – Travelling between clients

This feature is specifically for therapists who travel. We know how important it is for you to have an address and be able to find it, so we made a feature just for you.

Nothing is worse than getting in your car to visit a few clients and realizing you forgot their address. You either wrote it on a note that can’t be found or left it at the office.

Ashley, the Therabyte founder, tells this story about the day she first used this feature.

“In the morning, I would leave my house and drive to the homes of five or six different clients. I’ll always remember that day. I was getting ready to leave to meet a new client. I opened the app on my phone, found the client, and then clicked the map icon. And like magic, it opened up Google Maps with the route to my new client. It was so much simpler than copying and pasting the address between apps!”


8. A client portal that encourages engagement

Research shows that clients are more likely to make progress when they are interested in their therapy and practice it outside of their regular sessions. In a study, people who went to therapy once a week made only marginal progress, but when they had a practice partner who helped them two other times a week, their goal progress accelerated. 

When we made the client portal, we pictured clients who were interested in their therapy and took charge of it. By logging in, a client can view their appointments, therapy goals, progress notes (by practitioner sharing only) and invoices. 

We look forward to adding more features to the client portal to engage clients and involve them in their therapy progress.


9. Book a session from a session

Is this already a habit of yours? We want it to be, so we incorporated it into the workflow. The final prompt at the session event outcome stage is to schedule the next session. We believe in repeat business and believe that you should schedule your clients again.



10. Homework or Appointment box

We love how loud our community is. The Therabyte community asked loudly for part of the note to be shared, without sharing your entire chart note. They wanted to be able to share homework with a client without sharing the entire session note.

The homework box came to life! If you don’t like the word “homework,” you can change it to “assignment” instead. Choose to share only the homework box’s content and any attachments. Tell your clients what they need to know and keep your clinical notes private.


11. Keep “other” team members in the loop

As a private practitioner, it is likely that your team consists of other professionals that exist outside of your agency. Another OT/SLP, a psychologist, a lawyer. These are important members that benefit from access to client notes. 

With turning permissions on based on consent, you can share client information via a secure portal, such as documents, notes, or secure video conferencing. 


12. Team permission that fits your clinic.

Maintaining the privacy of client data is a top priority. Therefore, we allow for individualized privacy settings for each clinic. Whether your clinic has all full-time employees, some independent contractors, or is subject to more strict professional regulations. In-house teams can set up customized sharing and visibility controls to shield sensitive client information from unauthorized team members. 



Therabyte is more than just software. Therabyte is a software for the people. We listen to our OT and SLP community and come up with new ideas together. Because of our innovative workflow, we are seeing other professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, pediatric physiotherapists, and art therapists, benefit from these features. This is what makes Therabyte unique!


In a recent conversation with Ashley, Caley McElwain, OT of Me2Be, said,

“Whatever you do, keep that personal touch. That’s so special to Therabyte. The personal support you and Mike give to both new and existing customers, like me, who just need help figuring things out, has made all the difference.”


And Carlyn Neek of Activate Vitality said,

“Most technology is impersonal, but when I think about Therabyte, I see Ashley. It’s not just software; I can see the people behind it and feel their support.”


And according to Carla Willock, SLP owner of Victoria Speech and Language,

“The ability to come up with ideas together was very important to me. The team at Therabyte listens, and I can watch the software change as they implement my feedback. That’s exactly why I switched to Therabyte!”


If any or all of these features resonated with you, we would love to give you a tour and support your practitioner journey whether that is solo or team. We offer personalized  1:1 DEMO Book yours to find out how you can start saving time and getting organized. 


Or, if you prefer to try before you buy, we offer a 30 day FREE trial for all new users. Start your free trial and take these features for a spin!


Come for the developing technology, stay for the innovation, community, and customer support! 


Thanks for Reading!


Ashley, OT, Co-founder and CEO.










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