Setting Up Your Private Practice as an OT or SLP

Tips on Getting Organized in Your OT or SLP Practice


We understand as busy Speech Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists, your main goal is your clients success. You also likely want a healthy work-life balance that keeps you loving what you do, and not resenting it. As a private practice owner, you recognize that a lot of the burden is left on you. Here at Therabyte, we have found the perfect formula to ensure you’re reaching your individual business goals while still supporting your clients. This is through a carefully implemented EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or also known as Practice Management Software.


Most private practice OTs or SLPs end up spending hours on tracking data and keeping track of billing. We know first hand, this doesn’t work by yourself! We dug deep into the top three items we absolutely needed to stay organized as OTs and/or SLPs, they include:


  1. Visualizing your client workflow through a 3 step, visual schedule that can be colour coded and/or personalized to your individual private practice needs.
  2. Automation for one click invoicing to help take away the reminder of sending it after an appointment.
  3. Having clients fill out automated intake forms before their appointment, and most importantly storing them in one place to keep organization in your private practice.


“I have honestly loved Therabyte and I cannot express how much it has given me in terms of having my time back. I have been able to reduce my invoicing time by at least half, because of bulk invoices rather than individual ones for each client session in a month.” – Teanna, PT-SLP-OT-Psych


Systems You Should Consider as an OT or SLP


Now these tips we’re just our top three. We, of course, included them in the design of Therabyte, a Practice Management Software built by OTs and SLPs. However, there are way more benefits we’ve included in Therabyte, and here they are:


  • A private practice OT and/or SLP online, intake website to allow the forefront of your online platform to look sharp, professional and easy to use.
  • Time tracking within your scheduler and telehealth.
  • Storage for items like client notes, progress and even a goals tracker.
  • Not only does Therabyte come with invoicing options, but also grant tracking.
  • Monthly billing options to keep things tidy on the financing end.
  • Various storage packages to suit your OT and/or SLP needs.


Our biggest tip for staying organized in your private practice as an OT and/or SLP, is to invest in a tracking system where you can have everything in one place. It has to be easy to navigate on both ends and specifically designed in your private practice. 


“Believe in yourself and invest in systems like Therabyte. It’s so worth it to make your dreams come true.” – Rishma, OT


It’s Never Too Late to Implement an Effective System in Your Business


You might be wondering – “how am I going to implement an EMR or Practice Management Software when I have to run my private practice.” We’ve thought of this already! We understand that the implementation of an EMR may seem impossible with your busy schedule in your private practice. We believe getting really clear on your private practice goals is key to starting the implementation process. We also understand that once your systems are up and running, they may need tweaking and reconsidering. This is totally normal for a lot of the OTs and SLPs we’ve worked with. 


2023 is upon us, and you may have some ambitious goals set ahead for your private practice. We’re going to assume getting organized in your private practice is one of them. We’re strong believers in preparing for those goals instead of starting from scratch on January 1. This is why we have come up with the perfect promotion for January 2023. When you join Therabyte this January, you’ll receive all the usual benefits of Therabyte as well as a FREE strategy session to sort out all your goals for your private practice in 2023, as well as an implementation follow up once you’re up and running.


In your free strategy session, we will discuss your private practice as a whole. We dive deep into your pain points as an OT and/or SLP, and ensure ALL of them can be solved with your individualized Therabyte app. We then go into details of how the system and processes can be implemented into your usual private practice routines. Once we have the workflow and processes within an EMR or Practice Management Software that works best for you, the implementation process starts.


Picture this! It’s the end of January 2023, and your private practice is as organized as ever! You have been focusing solely on your clients needs, and even enjoying that work-life balance once again. However, you know there are a couple things in your systems and processes that could make it a little more easy – time to book your implementation follow up! 


In your 30 minute implementation process, we look at how it’s going and start troubleshooting any challenges you’re facing and answer any questions you may have about Therabyte EMR and your ideal workflow. We show you quick ways to streamline, and off you go! So you can enjoy your private practice while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


If you’re interested in learning more about Therabyte: CLICK HERE to start your FREE trial! or email Ashley Therabyte’s co-founder directly!


We hear all the time from our customers how user-friendly and intuitive Therabyte is. What are you waiting for? Benefit from:

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Daytime tech support by in-app chat, email, or phone
  • Guided email onboarding to help set up your clinic


Do you have questions about signing up and how you will run your practice with Therabyte? CLICK HERE to book a discovery call!








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