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We get that choosing an EMR or practice management software is a big decision, you want to make sure that what you choose is going to be the best for your workflow and your clinic practices, and to support your growth. Learn more about Therabyte in 6 minutes below.


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Therabyte in 6 minutes –  we will tour you through the features and benefits that Therabyte has to offer.

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Here is a brief summary of what is included in Therabyte in 6 minutes video:

If you’re an Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist, you know how much time can be lost completing repetitive and redundant tasks. Switching between different programs and writing client information over and over again can easily cost you one to two hours a week. That’s why we created Therabyte. Therabyte is a platform that helps you save time in your private practice by giving you online booking, online forms, a waitlist, client goal tracking, session documentation, invoicing, video conferencing, client appointment reminders, and more.


Therabyte Landing Page

The Therabyte practice web page (or landing page), creates a simple, plug-and-play option for creating an online presence. It can be used as your main web presence, or connect it to an existing website. The Therabyte landing page offers feature options such as enabling online booking and online intake. Have new clients fill out an intake and consent form, get added to your waitlist, and create a client profile all without your support. Automating your waitlist and intake process is a game changer for clinic managers and solo clinicians trying to stay on top of everything.


Session Notes

Staying on top of session notes is important as a therapist, and Therabyte makes it easy to streamline the process. The scheduler color coordinates, different event types, allowing you to see at a glance what you have coming up in your day. Our unique 3-step scheduler is a practitioner favorite. You can track the progress of client events using the three-dash system, at a glance know if you have marked attendance and signed off on each client event.


Invoicing and Contracts

As a practitioner working in the community with different funders, it is likely that you have been allotted funds or a budget to work with your client. Our unique contract feature allows you to set up budgets and track each invoice applied to the contract. This feature can be used for government contracts, school contracts, package pricing, or internal budgets. Invoicing is simple with Therabyte, each time you create and sign a client event, you are creating an item for invoicing. At the end of the month simply add all items for invoicing to the invoice and send it to the payer via email.


Goal Tracking

Setting client goals and tracking progress is key to a client’s success in therapy. Therabyte’s smart goals are built right into your clinical workflow. The client chart shows the clinical information gathered during intake and smart trees that represent goals. You can track the progress of your clients and make comments on each individual goal.



Lastly, Telehealth – TB Meet is Therabyte’s video conferencing feature, which allows you to connect online with clients when you can’t be in the same room. Telehealth allows for increased client coaching, more frequent monitoring, and reduced travel. With TB Meet, you can share your screen, enable your camera, and see your client at the same time.


Therabyte makes it easy to be efficient, organized, and productive, all while saving time.


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