I built a platform swing!

When I first decided I was going to convert our garage into a play room/therapy room for my private OT practice, I knew for sure that I wanted a platform swing. Well if you have ever looked to purchase a platform swing, they are not actually easy to find and very expensive.

So I put on my thinking cap and searched YouTube. I did find one tutorial that was fairly helpful, but made my own modifications to give it the personal touch that I wanted. This was a really fun project and I LOVE this platform swing and so do the kids I work with, including my own crazy kids that love to put on their helmets and make it swing big arcs. Here are a few pics of the platform swing in action! See my step by step instructions below on how to build your own platform swing for your clinic.



How to build a platform swing   

By Ashley Reina, BSc. OT – Instructions adapted from the following Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCIuwKbJVAY

Tools Required

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • ¾ inch drill bit
  • Power sander
  • Heavy duty stapler
  • Circular saw
  • Bowl
  • Utility knife
Materials Required:

  • 7/8 inch plywood (3.5’x2′)
  • ½ inch braided rope
  • Piece of carpet 2-4 inch radius bigger than your plywood
  • 4 washers – ½ inch hole
  • Carpet tape
  • Staples
  • Pen

Step One:

  • Cut your 7/8 plywood to size my swing is 3.5’x2′ feet. (or 4×3 or 2×2).
  • You can usually find smaller pieces at your local hardware store rather than buying a whole sheet of plywood.
  • I had the gentleman at home depot cut the plywood for me down to 3.5’x2′.

Step Two:

  • Round the corners to eliminate sharp edges
  • Use a bowl, pen and jigsaw to make the marks and cut.


Step Three:

  • Mark and drill the hole for the rope.
  • Set the hole at 2 inches from the edge. Which gives you safe margins from the edge and enough sitting space between the ropes.
  • Use a 3/4 inch drill bit for the hole.

Step Four:

  • Sand the underside of the platform and around the drill holes, for a smooth under finish to avoid splinters.

Step Five:

  • Measure and cut your piece of carpet.
  • (I had some left over from our house reno, alternatively any carpet store will sell leftover pieces by the meter).

Step Six:

  • Secure the carpet to the plywood.
  • First, I secured the carpet with double sided carpet tape to the plywood,
  • Next, while kneeling on top the wood, tightly fold the carpet around the edge of the board and staple it down about every ½ inch.
  • Then, remove excess carpet with the utility knife.
  • At the corner you will have to make 2 v cuts to remove the excess carpet and tightly secure the carpet around the corner.
  • Continue around all 4 edges of the board. This is the most time consuming part of the project.


Step Seven:

  • With applying the carpet you have now covered the holes for the rope on the top side.
  • Use a sharp pointed object to poke from the bottom to the top to locate the hole.
  • Next, use the utility knife to press through the carpet in an X to create the hole to put the rope through.


Step Eight:

  • Cut the rope into two equal lengths about 10ft long, (this will very depending on your ceiling height and were you will be hanging the swing from).
  • Fish the rope from the top side to the bottom side.
  • Feed the washer onto the rope on the underside and tie a knot.
  • Wrap tape around the end of the rope to prevent it from fraying.



Step Nine:

  • Pulling the rope straight up to find the mid-point and tie a knot.


Step Ten:

  • I noticed a slight bow in my swing, so I added a 1’x4′ support to the base.

Step Eleven:

  • Be certain you are putting the bolt into a secure beam. This bolt is going into a reinforced beam in the ceiling that we placed specifically for the purpose of hanging a swing during the renovation of this room.
  • Because I have multiple swings hung, we placed 3 bolts like this to accommodate the different swing styles and sizes.
  • Next, attach a daisy chain, using a climbing grade carabiner. I love the fabric daisy chain compared to a metal chain as it makes less noise.


Step Twelve:

  • You are ready for some swinging fun, my boys get really crazy on this swing so I make them wear helmets. (This type of swinging not recommend).



Links for purchase of items used:


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