Stay Connected During The COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 took the rehabilitation medicine industry by surprise. Practitioners across many disciplines are trying to reconnect with their clients during a time of social distancing.

Introducing Therabyte Meet

  • Secure & authenticated video sessions.
  • Peer-to-peer: After authentication, your video sessions bypass our servers–creating a 1:1 encrypted link between the practitioner and the client.
  • Screenshare options: Practitioners and clients can share their screen and video.
  • Support for Zoom and Teams links: Available with any of our EMR plans.


Extend Your Reach

Offer your services to people in remote areas.

Get Your Time Back

Maximize your time by reducing travel time.

Reduce Health Risks

Excess travel and contact with clients may put your health at risk.

Share Your Screen

You have your client’s attention. Share specific visual aids as part of your video session.

Dedicated Mobile App

With a dedicated mobile app, you get top performance and portability.

Secure & Compliant

Canadian-hosted & top security for your peace of mind.

New to the Therabyte experience? Get Started!

If you’re a rehab practitioner new to all the benefits of our platform, test drive Therabyte with telehealth integration!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Request a trial
  2. Access your trial login details
  3. Enjoy all the benefits of Therabyte for 15 days



“I love that it is designed for me, an SLP. I’m not having to make another system just work. The focus on goal tracking and documentation helps me to be the best therapist I can be.”

– Staci

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Want the complete Therabyte Experience?

The complete Therabyte experience includes more features designed to save you time:

  • Zoom / Teams link support
  • Full Scheduler
  • 1-Click Invoicing
  • Clinical Notes
  • File Storage

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