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Top benefits of digital charting

Most of us remember the days before electronic charting. There are some providers who still prefer paper documentation for personal reasons. I've heard collegues say that they find it easier to think on paper, or have a visual memory of where a note was jotted down on...

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3 myths about Teletherapy

Up until a few months ago, telehealth/teletherapy was largely a mystery to most therapists. Now, the onset of COVID-19 made it so that many therapists have at least tried their hand at providing services virtually. However, the mechanisms behind teletherapy...

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We want your feedback!

Your Feedback Is So Valuable! Therabyte grows and becomes stronger because of the incredible community supporting its development, offering feature requests and feedback to make it the best platform for your specific professional needs. We have setup a feedback page...

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Introducing Therabyte Meet

We built TB Meet in response to COVID-19. We saw a need in the  market for a secure Telehealth platform geared towards solo practitioners and small teams. It has been so exciting to share it with you. How does it work? Therabyte Meet provides a portal to portal...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Therabyte unique to other platforms? Therabyte App has been designed and tested by Occupational Therapists(OT) and Speech Language Pathologist(SLP) across Canada. It was built to meet the unique practice needs of OTs and SLPs. 3 step visual scheduler...

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In the news!

This week we were spotlighted by Accelerate Okanagan (AO). Harrison interviewed us about our response to the COVID-19 crisis. It was pretty surreal to have this interview and to see the article, feeling all the feels! Accelerate Okanagan has been such an important...

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