Which EMR is the best?

This is a really loaded question. With several options in the market it comes down to adjusting the question to, What is it that your clinic or practice needs?


It would be really amazing if there was ONE software that was THE best. At Therabyte we set out to do just that. To create the best practice management software and EMR for Occupational Therapist and Speech Language-Pathologist and here are a few things that we learnt along the way.

    1. The one best software for everyone doesn’t exist.
    2. Different workflows resonate with different people.
    3. While there are several things that are similar about how we as practitioners work, there are distinct differences based on a person’s tech experience, profession, practice area, and the clientele that they work with.
    4. Practitioners can get easily overwhelmed by the choices available which results in analysis paralysis and ultimately not choosing a software.
    5. NOT selecting a practice management software ultimately costs you money by spending your precious time on $10-15 tasks that are better left up to systems, workflows, automations or an admin staff. Your time is best spent either with clients, or on business strategy.


In talking with hundreds of practitioners regarding this topic, I have found there is a way to uncover the answer for practitioners.


Which ever OT or SLP practice area you work in, the complaints are similar. “I am always behind on my charting.” “I dread invoicing at the end of the month.” “I love what I do, if only I could do less “paperwork.”” “Private practice is great, if I didn’t also have to do the admin for the business.”


So what is the answer? and how do you find the best EMR software for you in your OT/SLP business?


When I get on a call with a practitioner I first ask them this question! What is the main problem that you are trying to solve with an EMR or practice management software?


By helping the practitioner answer this question, we can start to get at the solution that is needed. Each software has an inception point, a pain that was trying to be solved for a particular group of people and has evolved from there. For example, Jane app started out as a booking platform for a chiro/massage/PT office, Owl practice initially was built for psychologist working in mental health, Go Rendezvous started out supporting Osteopaths and family physicians, and Therabyte was built for OTs and SLPs in private practice.


As you can image each one of these groups is unique, with their own set of challenges and while some exist across profession, there is a flow for how each works and approaches their business.


The next question I ask is What is your dream business workflow? How do you want it to look and feel for you and your clients from intake to invoice?


This starts to paint a picture of features that are necessary and important for your business. With this list, you can now make an informed decision. Truth is practice management software use is on the rise and this is a good thing, because it means better business management, better client care and hopefully better collaboration and access to records for your client.


Benefits that you should expect from a practice management software?

Simplify your clinical processes, make workflows more efficient, and help serve your clients better. Here are a few examples:

    1. Simplify the intake process: Standardizing and getting the right information you need to intake clients is very important to make a great first impression. No more printing out forms and giving them to clients to fill it out by pen and paper, you can easily send a link and have them fill it out on their computer or even on their phone in your office.
    2. Digitize documents: Get rid of your filing cabinets because practice management software will help digitize all of your forms, notes, and other documentation. You’ll never need to worry about missing loose papers, making it much easier to store information.
    3. Track everything in one platform: No more cross-referencing papers or giant files for your clients! Keep your intake, goal tracking, summary reports, invoices, and more in one platform organized to the way you work. Say goodbye to searching in multiple places for that one document you need because with practice management software, it’s all kept in one secure place.
    4. Automation: There should be elements of the client journey that happen without you having to do anything. This usually looks like an online intake form, appointment reminders, options for rescheduling, invoice creation and could include more.
    5. Good customer support:No matter how experienced therapists are, it is not uncommon to hear a health practitioner refer to themselves as “not tech-savvy”. Good support can make all the difference in your experience with practice management software, from in-app chats, help guides, or video calls for platform walk throughs.


Ultimately, I heard someone once say that the best decision is the one that you make! Remember not making a decision will cost you more time and money in the long term, so don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis, ask yourself the questions above and write out your dream workflow and your non-negotiable features. Nothing is perfect, but I am sure you will find what is best for you and your practice.


When you book a discovery call with Therabyte these are the questions that we will ask you, so when you’re ready let’s have a conversation and get your started on your journey to buying your time back in your private practice. We hope that we get the pleasure of working with you and learning more about your practice. Our number 1 goal is for you to feel confident in your decision whatever that is and here to support you in your discovery.


Therabyte offers a free 30 day trial, sign up here. If you’re Canadian, check out our comparison chart for how Therabyte stands up to the competition.

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