UPDATE: Smart Trees feature goes live!

Smart Trees: Future of goal tracking!

From the beginning, we have designed and built Therabyte with time-saving features in mind.


Smart Trees is a concept we developed very early on with the vision to save practitioners time creating treatment plans, tracking data and note taking. We ended up putting this on hold while we focused on addressing the core needs for practice management (which recently included telehealth). We ended up offering a very basic goal tracker that you could use to reference/track goals in your sessions.


After weeks of development and testing, we are ready to make the move from our basic goal tracker to Smart Trees lite. This has now been live for our customers for the past two weeks.

Smart Trees Structure & Terminology

We are using a metaphor that is common to many of you who have experienced paper charting: The File Cabinet.

  • Trees: You can think of Trees as a file cabinet drawer that holds all of the data for a given treatment plan. In phase one, you will have access to one (default) tree.
  • Branches: These would be the folders inside your file cabinet drawer. Branches aggregate the tracked data inside it. They also show a total count of mastered targets.
  • Leaves: These would be all the forms inside your folders. They hold all your trial data.


To get this feature to our users and gain insight from customer feedback, this feature will be released in phases.

  • Phase one, all current goals will be migrated to one tree and one branch with targets group together.
  • Phase two, you will be able to track trial data and set rules for automated mastery.
  • Phase three, will include access to creating a goal bank of reusable goals.


A lite version of Smart Trees will be available to all users with the option to upgrade for unlimited creation of trees and branches with access to an internal reusable goal bank.

Seeing this feature live is the fulfilment of a dream. Thank you to all our current Therabyte users and the wider Therabyte community for your support, kindness and feedback. Together we make Therabyte great.


-Ashley & Mike

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