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What makes Therabyte unique from other platforms?


Therabyte App has been designed and tested by Occupational Therapists(OT) and Speech-Language Pathologist(SLP) across Canada. It was built to meet the unique practice needs of OTs and SLPs.

  • 3 step visual scheduler –At-a-glance, our 3 step event allows you to see, at what stage you are at with each client event in your scheduler. This allows for a quick visual check to see if you have finished your planning and charting each day.
  • 1 Click invoicing – Invoices start when an event in created, viewing all uninvoiced items in the client chart, you can combine multiple sessions into one invoice for easy monthly billing to your client or funder.
  • Goal Tracking – Therabyte integrates goals into the client workflow and allows for session note taking on each goal, as well as progress tracking. This ensures you stay on task with your goals during each session.  We will be releasing our advance goal tracker in late 2020.


Who should use Therabyte?


Any allied health practitioner running a clinic or home based client practice, where they are required to keep and store sensitive client information. Our platform has an emphasis on tracking client progress, simple invoicing, easy digital documentation.


What makes Therabyte secure?

Therabyte meets all Canadian privacy standards, with bank-level security. (FOIPA, FIPPA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant). It is:

  • Canadian hosted
  • Full-2 way encryption (TSL 1.2 AES 256 bit encryption)
  • Password protected per user

The information stored on our servers is actually safer than the information stored on your computer, due to backups and built-in redundancy. It is also kept safe from fires or floods.


How else can I safeguard my client’s information?

  • Use a secure password – A secure password should use a capital, number, and symbol.
  • Consent forms – When service delivery type changes, a new client consent should be completed that includes information about the technology used and where client information is stored.
  • Computer protected by a password – Make sure to keep your computer password protected as well as any technology that you use where health information is shared to the cloud, eg. Email, text etc.


How long does it take to set up my Therabyte account?

Within 4 hours we can have you up and running with your Therabyte account. This includes training guides and in-app chat support.


Do you offer batch client upload?

Yes, if you have your client information in an excel spreadsheet we are able to port that information to Therabyte. Other practice management software systems will offer this information to you if you are switching from another EMR.


How will I benefit from Therabyte if I only have a few clients?

Therabyte was designed to meet the needs of the solo practitioner as well as the small clinic. You deserve to get your time back. Even with a few clients you can have the automation of an EMR for a low price that will quickly pay for itself in reducing the amount of time you would have spent searching for notes or completing invoices.


I find new software really intimidating, is Therabyte intuitive?

Yes. We hear all the time from our customers how user-friendly and intuitive Therabyte is.

  • We also offer personalized onboarding
  • Daytime tech support by in-app chat, email or phone
  • You will receive guided email onboarding to step you through setting up your clinic

I am a busy clinician. How long will it take to switch to digital charting?

We understand! We hear this from clinicians often. We suggest a few options.

  • Batch import – you can send us a list of specific client fields in an excel spreadsheet. This can be acquired from your previous provider or other software you use and we will do the magic of adding that data to your clinic.
  • Pick a couple of clients a week to start on the new platform and do a gradual transition. This will allow you to become familiar with the platform gradually.
  • Trying inputting your contacts and switching over your client calendar first before you start charting and using the other integrations.
  • Make charting a habit! We designed the scheduler with a 3 step process with visual cues so that it keeps you on track. You are visually rewarded when you close the loop on an event and finish your charting daily.



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